Sand in ya pants.

I'm Sandy, but I'm not a squirrel or a girl in Grease.
I want to save the world.
I want to save myself.

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My mom is putting on makeup and I am not.


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MEMORY LANE → Time to take a trip down memory lane and listen to those songs we all know and love. The songs we grew up listening to. The songs which are all now ingrained into our minds and our childhood.

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Sometimes I think I’ll die of broken heart syndrome lol

I love my skin!

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the year is 2004. at hogwarts, students have been banned from sending howlers because at least once a day, without fail, a red envelope explodes in the great hall, shrieking, “YOU JUST LOST THE GAME.”

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when you see ur squad while you out with your parentsimage

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identical twins have so much power tbh last year my lab partner steve came in with pierced ears and everyone was like whoa steve when did u get them pierced and he was like i’ve had them for 3 years. i’m not steve. and he just sat down and started taking notes. the next day steve came in and was like did u guys see my brother jake yesterday lmao we switched schools

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